Thank you for taking the time to read a little About Us. We are a home based company that opened up in January 2014. My fiance and I seen that there was an easier and more affordable way for people to make the switch from your conventional tobacco cigarette to an E-cigarette. We here at Economy Ecigs provide you with brands of affordable, reliable clones and Authentic E-cigs. After extensive research and product testing we have chosen the Top of the Line E-cigs's and Accessories. These are the most advanced and user friendly products on the market. Don't be fooled by expensive imitations. All of our Authentic E-cig products come with a Product Authenticity card inside the box and an Anti-Counterfeit covered number on the bottom of the box that can be scratched off and Authenticated by following the instructions provided.

We also sell Quality Premium E-juice. All our e-juice is Hand Crafted in a dedicated and sterile juice room to ensure the highest quality of standards are met with each bottle made. Pharmaceutical grade VG and PG are used as well as the highest grade of U.S. nicotine and Food Grade water soluble flavorings. To find out more about what our e-juice does and doesn't contain click on the "What is E-juice?" tab under Information.
Thank -You
Economy E-Cigs